Five Minute Friday: Belong

Linking up for Five Minute Friday which is being hosted this week by Crystal Shine. Lisa-Jo Baker describes Crystal as her “good friend, cheerleader of women, rocker of the faux hawk and constant inspiration online” to her. The prompt is “Belong”

I read the prompt

And felt this truth sink deep into my spirit

 I have always belonged

I have always belonged

I have always belonged

Even when rejected by others

Told verbally and nonverbally that I lacked what was needed for membership

In groups, in clichés, in circles

I have always belonged

Because I have always belonged to Him

He said so

In words such as, “Fear not. I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name. You are mine.”

This is like cleansing water.

And I laughed out loud

And hold my hands up high fists pumped

This is celebration time.

I belong to Him

He chose me in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world was laid

And He also chose you, friend

He also chose you

And no, His choice is not subject to recall

You and I belong to Him and always will

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Nothing will ever separate us from His love.

We belong. We belong.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Belong

  1. Dear Esther
    Your words today reminds me so much of the time after my father passed away. My Mother was my stepmom and did not treat me very well. Then I would read Ps.27 – 10. There where our Lord will take me in even though my mother abandoned me, I found so much comfort when The Lord has really held me so close. There is no other place I would rather than in His Loving Embrace. This a lovely post!

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