Sermon Notes: Remember Lot’s great grand-daughter

I am sharing what I heard of the message, “Remember Lot’s great grand-daughter,” by Jentezen Franklin, which aired on a Christian television station. This is in no way a transcript of the message; just what I gathered from it. It encouraged me and because we all need encouragement, I am passing it on. Perhaps it is not relevant to you but it may be just what someone you know or will meet will need.

Remember Lot’s wife as a warning but also remember Lot’s great grand-daughter, Ruth. Her life demonstrates that God can use us regardless of our family history and our past. In her background was incest and drunkenness and the offering of children to false gods.

Your yesterdays can be ugly but Jesus is ahead of you. If you look back, the Enemy will tell you God cannot use you. But if you look forward you will see the Savior. You may have things in your past that haunt you and of which you are ashamed. Lot maybe behind you but Jesus is before you. The calling in front of you is greater than the mess behind you.

There is hope in front of you inspite of what is behind you. You, Ruth, who came from such a terrible background can share Jesus with the world. The Enemy wants you to live looking back. Ruth tells you that God can still use you, inspite of your past. Remember Lot’s great grand-daughter.


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