Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt is “Exhale.”

I read the prompt, “Exhale,” and did just that. Let out a deep breath that I did not realize before that I was holding. Wondered of the number of times, moments I have gone through life doing just that. Holding my breath. Not breathing as deeply as I can and holding that which I should let go of.

Exhale. Thinking of the creation story and of how the Father, Creator made man from the dust of the earth. “Formed” is the word used in some translations. He made man from the dust of the earth and breathed into man the breath or spirit of life and man became a living soul. He breathed into man. He exhaled.

The Creator exhaled in to man His breath and at that time, man did not reject what the Creator was giving. Not like we have done so many times since. Believing that we know best and rejecting His gifts, that which is life giving because it does not come in the form we expect or desire.

Breath of God, fill me with life anew and help me exhale, let go and breathe more deeply of You.
Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Exhale

  1. Hi E – I sensed the rest and peace of the King as I started reading the last words, I pray for this breathe to fill me up again and make anew. Praise Him! Blessings Aliyah (Setapartwarrior)

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