Five Minute Friday: Release

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Release.”



A word

A breath

A sigh

A prayer

A longing

A hurt

But never release, let go of hope

Though circumstances may suggest continuing to believe

Continuing to hold on to hope

Continuing to have faith in this One you have never seen

And Who sometimes is oh so silent

Is futile


But is it true that He is silent?

I have heard that He is always speaking

Sometimes pain, worry, anxiety, feelings of helplessness

Can keep us from hearing


He speaks through nature

Did not the psalmist who was king note

“The heavens declare His glory?”

“The firmament reveals His handiwork?


Release all that binds

Release the past

Forgive with His help

And set both you and the other free


Release everything but hope, love, and faith

Keep believing your Father is Who He says He is

That He will do what He says He will do

And you are who He says you are


Five Minute Friday




6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Release

  1. Preach it! Somethings we should NEVER let go of! Some days, it’s hard to hold on to what is good and release the bad–but with God’s help, everything is possible!

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