Not as it seems: A burning bush experience (kind of)

Recently, I had “Moses-and-the-burning-bush” experience, an extremely, extremely watered down version, but one all the same. No, there was not actually a  bush that was burning with fire, but was not consumed, as recorded in Exodus 32:2. There was not even a burning trash can.  No fire involved, not even the smell of smoke, and the audible voice of God was definitely not heard. What did occur was a turning aside to see the unusual which, in this instance, were the branches of a tree hanging lower in front of the RV shed, than I had ever seen them.


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Curious, I moved until I stood directly beneath the lowest of the branches. Assuming that it had broken off of the limb, I tugged it but instead of seeing a branch dropping to the ground, I was startled by a sharp, cracking sound, similar to a clap of thunder.  I opened the gate to the backyard for a closer look and saw the following images from varying view points:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The view from outside of the fence was that of a healthy, whole tree.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Is that not like us? So often, from a distance, behind the walls or fences we erected to protect and hide ourselves, we appear whole. We seem to have it altogether; however, as with the low hanging branches of the tree, there can be indicators that all is not as it seems. Some may come closer out of curiosity, others out of concern but we keep all at a distance, and even fortify our fences. And, if they dare to ask if we are okay, we firmly assure them, “Of course I am,” and then may change the conversation to a safer topic, exhaling internally when the distraction works.

There is One, however, Who is never distracted by our ruses. He sees beyond our fences and walls to every, every place where we are hurt and broken; however, unlike the tree guy  I called for assistance, who could only cut down the tree and move it in pieces to the curb for disposal, the One Who comes to our aid does not discard us.  He joins us behind those walls, not to keep us company, but to heal, to make us whole, and then send us out to touch the lives of others who are wounded.  How thankful I am thankful for His mercy, grace, and healing power.


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