Five Minute Friday: Messenger

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Messenger.”


“Messenger.” Someone who delivers messages.

We have seen them or at least media images of them on bicycles, seemingly risking life and limb, darting between vehicles on busy city streets, carrying cross shoulder bags, that are functional for them, but a fashion statement for others. They, I imagine, have a deadline for delivering the messages entrusted to them and likely have consequences or rewards depending on how successful, or not, they are in completing the task.

There are also heavenly messengers, angels who do His bidding. Gabriel. Michael. They brought “good tidings of great joy.”

Many of their messages seem to being with, “Fear not,” and rightly so for which human being would not be strongly given to shaky knees and increased heart rates at the sight of one of these heavenly beings. (Stop).

The thing is, we are also messengers, entrusted with taking the message of salvation and hope to those around us, with our words and also with our lives.

Confession: What I wrote in five minutes ended at Stop and then I added the last line that was in my head. 🙂


Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Messenger

  1. It’s always ok to keep on writing for a few minutes longer if the thoughts need to come out ;). There’s no official rule-book! Dropping by from next door at Five-Minute Friday. Thank you for reminding me that God’s messengers started their message with ‘fear not.”

  2. I love how closely you stuck to the rules for 5-minute Friday. Very honest! I think we had the same idea when we heard “messenger”. Carry his message of hope and salvation. The other day my daughter (10) who is a gifted singer asked me if putting up youtube videos would help get her singing out there. I said, truthfully, all I care about is that you know the Lord. The rest is gravy.

  3. You and I had similar thoughts today! I enjoyed how you made them clear! I too, appreciate the reminder that God says, “Fear not.” Stopping by, again, from FMF because I recognized your picture and loved last weeks post and wanted to read again!

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