Two brothers in a grocery store cart

They were sitting in a cart near the display stand that had two different sizes of avocados separated by Roma tomatoes. The older of the brothers seemed about 4 years old and the younger about 18 months. An adult male, who I assumed was their father, held an almost full bag of Roma tomatoes in one hand while adding more with the other. I wondered fleetingly what he was going to do with all those tomatoes.  

The first thing that grabbed and held my attention, however, was the posture of the older boy – he had his upper body turned toward his brother, both arms wrapped closely around him.  My heart melted as I saw he was repeatedly, gently, kissing his head, his attention fully taken by the task of loving his brother. I wondered, “How did he first responded to the news that he was going to be a big brother?” Whatever his initial response, it was clear in this moment that he loved him.

The little one seemed oblivious of the love been showered on him but I cannot imagine that outpouring was not touching his very DNA. Sometimes, I too am oblivious to the outpouring of the Father’s love for me but it touches and changes me all the same. #thankful for His love.


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