Adults on school buses

Driving home from work this afternoon, I saw an uncommon sight … a small school bus chock full of adult men … in white hard hats, with bright orange, netted vests. I chuckled at first because what I was seeing seemed incongruous. The bus looked like one that would be used to transport kindergarteners to school. It appeared to be a tight fit and I wondered if riding on the school bus brought back memories to the men of when they did so as children.

I acknowledged that for some, the memories may be more of the flashback variety … of little souls trying to be courageous, anxious hearts pounding at the thought of negotiating the space pass bullies, or those who always seemed to find a reason to giggle, when they walked by … lunch bags held tightly in little palms .. perhaps repeating the words designed to encourage spoken by Mama and/or Daddy.

Then this insight came .. school buses always carry adults because within each child is the adult he or she will become. The experiences on the bus, in their classrooms, on the playgrounds, in the cafeteria, in the principal’s office, in the homes where they reside, in their community, etc., collectively will shape the adults they will become. Yes, school buses always carry adults.


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