Five Minute Friday: Mighty

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Mighty.”


Who are the mighty and what makes someone mighty?

David had 30 men who were referred to in the OT as “David’s Mighty Men”

They were known for their valor and prowess in battle

Truly mind boggling feats

Like one of them fighting until his arm froze to his sword

But among the 30 there were three who heard David expressed a longing for water

From a well in Jerusalem, I believe it was

These men broke through strong opposition to obtain the water David longed for

In that moment, they were servants meeting the longing of their leader


They used their might to serve

Mighty men who served, not for personal glory

But to meet a need

Who are the mighty among us?


Jesus Himself said, if you want to be great in God’s Kingdom

Be the servant of all


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