Five Minute Friday: Joy

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday. It is a place where, as Lisa Jo says, our words are safe. Today’s prompt is “Joy.”


A word that makes me smile in this moment

And brings to mind other words such as incandescent

And effervescent

And bubbling over

I am also reminded that You tell me Your joy is my strength


I like it when joy bubbles up within me

Unaided by my efforts

As when I watch a breathtaking sunrise

Or in quiet moments when I am just being

Not performing

Just resting in You


There are times, however,

When I have to choose joy

Make a decision in the midst of all the hard

And that which is breaking and broken

And when clarity is somewhere in the future

And hope wants to slip away

In these moments I have to choose joy


Choose to rejoice in You

Choose to believe that what is will not always be



I love when it flows unaided by my efforts

But am also thankful for the strength You provide for me to choose

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Joy

  1. Dear E Wright…I really like this post. The reminder that the Joy of the LORD is my strength and sometimes, I have to choose joy!

    Just reading your description of what brings you joy encourages my heart.

    Blessings in Christ…Susan

  2. Susan, thanks so much for visiting and your grace filled words. It will probably not be a surprise to hear that I have had several opportunities to chose joy this week. 🙂

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