Hero – Part II

Recently, I wrote a post as part of the Five Minute Friday writing opportunity that Lisa Jo Baker offers. The prompt was “Hero.”

Today, I happened upon a description of a new book, Thrive, by Mark Hall, a pastor, and lead singer of Casting Crowns. I also found their CD with the same name, Thrive.  One of the songs on the CD is, “Heroes.” I found the words written about the song thought provoking and uplifting, and wanted to share them.

“We all want to be a hero. If you are a guy, you lay in the bed at night and you dream your hero sequences. You are going to swoop in and save the damsel in distress. You are going to save the children from the bus. You go to movies that say over and over and over, ‘Look at all these ordinary people everywhere, they need a hero.’ So we come to God saying, ‘I want to be this hero for you.’ We look at the word and say, ‘I want to be David for you. I want to be Nehemiah for you. I want to be Moses for you (who gets out there and does the awesome stuff).’ But the problem is, not one of those people in the Bible ever said that. No one, who has ever done big things for God, has ever said, ‘Hey, I want to go do big things for God.’ People who love God and want to walk close with Him (when they finish talking to God), they look at the world and their hearts are broken. They know something has to be done. David never set out to be a giant slayer. David was following God and a giant got in his way. Peter never planned on walking on water. That’s just where Jesus was. Nehemiah didn’t want to build some giant wall. He just loved God and his heart was broken for his city. If we love God so much, we do anything He says no matter how crazy it sounds. You will find yourself in a position to be a hero… Being a hero is blooming where you are planted and loving the people you are with (emphasis added)”


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