Five Minute Friday: Hero

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday.   The prompt is “Hero.”

Usually, when we think of a hero we think of someone who has done something exceptional. Someone who stepped out of the ordinary and did something extraordinary. An act that usually involves putting themselves in danger to save the live of another. I read an example just the other day of a young boy who saved several members of his family from a fire and died as he attempted to save his grandfather. He was given the burial of a fireman and rightly so.

But I have learned that heroism can show up in the ordinary. In the perseverance shown when everything in us screams that we should give up, and walk away. That the situation will never change. That we are wasting our time. Or when the routine of our daily activities seem mind bending but we reach for Him and His grace and He helps us to keep going with joy. And we discover the sacred in doing ordinary things. And discover that His grace is sufficient and we are braver that we thought we could ever be. And we find reasons to give thanks. That is what can make us all heroes.

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