Five Minute Friday: Visit

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Visit.”

I thought of this prompt and smiled deep and long. A smile that is still on my face, lifting my cheek bones.

I am thinking of how much I love, love, visits from my family, more so because none live within driving distance.

I think of how I prepare for them and how having them in my home has transformed it.

They leave but something lingers. Love, I would imagine. Validation also. The knowledge that I am known and accepted.ย 

I think too of my last visit to my Aunt Ida, who is 93 years old and in full possession of all her faculties, her mind sharp as any person would want their minds to be. She laughs wholeheartedly as she shares stories and how I love her stories, especially those of my mother who has been in heaven for decades. She tells me things I never knew, e.g., of my parentsโ€™ courtship. She also encourages us to keep God as the center of our lives. Her home has not changed much over the years and visiting her grounds me in a unique way.

Visits. I am thankful that I have wonderful memories of so many. And can look forward to future ones.

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