A letter to my sister, Maple


For those of us you left behind
As of today, you have been gone for two years
Two years for us who inhabit time and space
But you inhabit eternity
Time does not exist there

We have engaged in daily tasks
Sometimes with joy
At other times the drudgery feels mind numbing

We complain and other times we worship and praise
We struggle with our imperfections
And sometimes recognize our strengths

There are areas where we have grown
And there are areas where little change seems to have occurred
In the time since you have been gone

But none of these are true for and of you any longer
Not from the second you drew your last breath on earth
In a bed in the hospital in our hometown
Some of our sisters besides you
Shocked at what had occurred

I wonder what your life is like now
And I smile because I know whatever I can imagine
Your life in His presence exceeds anything I can imagine and then some

And tears of joy come at the thought of you
Free from pain and sorrow and struggle
Living beyond anything I can imagine

Your sister,


2 thoughts on “A letter to my sister, Maple

  1. Dear Esther
    It is in times like these that I am so very thankful that we don’t grief like those who don’t believe in Jesus. What a joy to know that we will be reconciled with our loved ones again one day. Your love for your sister is so beautiful as well as the legacy she has left you!
    Blessings XX

    1. Dear Mia,
      Thank you so much. It is a joy to know that we will see our loved ones again. Indeed we experience sorrow but not as those without hope.

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