Five Minute Friday: Truth

“Truth be told,” “Honest truth,” “God’s truth.” All phrases that are used in conversation, some to convince the listener that the speaker is being truthful. But if we are speaking the truth and know it, shouldn’t that knowledge be enough? Do we need to convince others of our truthfulness or be more focused on living a life of integrity and allowing that to be what makes us believable.

We who are called by His Name, who have been adopted into His family, are in a relationship with the Living Truth, and in the context of this relationship no lies are necessary, neither is fear. We are completely known and completely loved. And that is the honest truth.

Help us, Abba to be truthful to ourselves and others. And when we speak truth, which must be always, even when there are risks of rejection, being misunderstood, help us do so in the manner in which You instruct us to, “in love.” Thank You for the courage and the willingness and the grace to do so.”

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for FMF. The prompt is “Truth.”

Five Minute Friday



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