Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Ordinary… A day with only the typical activities scheduled. But is it possible that hidden in the ordinary are secrets of the extraordinary that are revealed with keys such as gratitude, obedience, praise, attention?

Ordinary … A person who is seen as average. Having no talents that the rich and famous, those with status, seem to possess. But that ordinary person holds within all that is needed to change the life of one person, to change the world in which He placed them … a job, a neighborhood, a family. 

Ordinary does not mean insignificant, or worthless, or unimportant.

He has a way of infusing ordinary moments, days, people, with His presence, His matchless power, making each His own, and transforming them all.

Linking up with Lisa Jo and friends at The prompt is “Ordnary.”

9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

  1. I have come to realize that what seems important and significant in the eyes of the world, is not the same as in the eyes of God! He has a way of dealing with the ordinary in an extraordinary way!
    Blessings XX

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