Five Minute Friday: Worship

Just this morning

I read the invitation in Psalm 95:6-7

“Come, let us worship and bow down;

Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.

For He is our God,

And we are the sheep of His pasture,

The sheep under His care.”

Then I saw today’s #FMF prompt is “Worship”


What else could I do but accept the invitation

And rejoice in the fact that I can so do anywhere, at any time

Alone or with the twos or threes or multitudes

I do bow in this moment, Father

And acknowledge that You are worthy

Exalted. Mighty to save and strong to deliver.

Seeking after the lost and those of Your children who

Like me

Temporarily wander

And know that worship is more than words

It is a life style

The day to day activities in which I engage

Thank You for the privilege and the opportunities to worship

Linking up with Lisa Jo and friends at for Five Minute Friday.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Worship

  1. Stopping by from FMF. Your words ~ and worship ~ are beautiful this morning. Thank you. I also was thinking of how worship is a lifestyle, and yet built on the Word and diligently reading and studying and learning more and more who God really is so we can recognize him for who He is.

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