Five Minute Friday: Last


Sometimes it denotes a position

As in the last in line

The last to cross the finish line

Sometimes it refers to the final event

As in the last hello

Or the last goodbye

Or the last hug

Problem is, for the latter definition

There is rarely a warning that whatever the act

Or the word

It was the last that would be done or uttered

But yet we behave as if we know that we have more time

More opportunities to say, “I love you”

“You are precious to me”

“I am sorry”

Is this mindset a form of deception?


To act as if I have what I do not

Allows me to put off what needs to be done now

But that is a dangerous place from which to operate

A place guaranteed to produce regret, even anguish

May we live with a greater awareness

That all we have is now

And one day, we will say our last hello


“I love you”

And not know that it was such

Linking up with Lisa Jo and friends at for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Last.”


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