Five Minute Friday: In Between

I will confess upfront that I struggled with this week’s prompt. Writing it did take more than 5 minutes and I did do some editing. Thought of not submitting it but here it is. 🙂


And living in the now and not the in between.” This last line of Lisa-Jo Baker’s post for Five Minute Friday prompt, “In between,” got me thinking of statements I have heard:  “When the children are grown, I will do …” “When I lose another 10 lbs, I will …”  “When I am stronger in my faith, I will …”

It also made me wonder where and how in my life am I living in the “in between” mindset, in that that my focus is so future oriented that I am robbing myself of present moments, of the living in the now. Was I not promised abundant life?

While it is true that I will life forever in His face-to-face presence, abundant life is for now, this moment, in this earthly tabernacle. I am on the journey from here to here but I do not have to wait until I arrive there to begin truly living, I can live fully now because what I do between here and there matters to Him, even as He is changing me from whom I am into the image of His Son.


13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: In Between

  1. “but I do not have to wait until I arrive there to begin truly living”
    So so true. Thank you for deciding to post this despite your doubts or not sticking exactly to the rules.
    It is beautiful and so true.

    Commenting from FMF 🙂

  2. Amen. Wait, AMEN!
    First, I was reading the URL of your blog as your header photo popped up and that was a wow.
    Then, I saw your Oreo with the words in the middle and I broke out in a huge smile.
    Finally, I read your post and say AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!
    I’m so glad you posted. No matter that it was “outside the box (of rules)”. I’m glad you posted and I stopped by!
    Thanks! Jenn

  3. This is so good. Why is it that we wait to fully embrace and enjoy life? Thank you for the reminder that the abundant life is mine for now!

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