Five Minute Fridays: Rhythm


Sometimes I feel it fierce

As I strut on winter days

In 3 inch brown leather boots

Grazing against boot shaped jeans

Especially when my natural hair is free flowing


At other times it is in the moments of stillness

When I focus on Him

Longing for wholeness

And I feel His touch

Restoring the music

Giving me the promised song in the night

There and then 

He restores my soul

And the music

And the rhythm that comes from being in step with Him

Instead of pursuing my own way

The rhythm of yielding to His discipline

And accepting that He truly knows best


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Fridays: Rhythm

  1. I liked this and could see you in your bad brown boots, rocking your natural you. I also saw you walking to the rhythm of His plans. All beautiful visions. Thanks for sharing and happy to have stopped by from Five Minute Friday! be blessed

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