Five Minute Friday: Fall

I dislike falling in my dreams and even more so in real life. Why? Perhaps because falling suggests a lack of control, because there is no guarantee that how I fall will be pretty.  Also, I have no idea at times what has caused the fall. At other times I am pretty sure I can identify the reason.  There is that old saying, “Pride goes before a fall.”  I know that to be true. There is also a message, however, that is even older than the “pride…” saying – “The righteous fall seven times but gets back up.”  Thankfully, I do not have to pick myself up as the world dictates, by my boot-straps or any other human means.  All I need is a prayer, “Father, help me.”  The commercial with the statement, “I have fallen and I can’t get up” can symbolize a cry of despair, even hopelessness, if there is no one listening. But for His children, for me, His child, that is never the case.  I can count on Him to help me up, dust me off, heal broken bones and set me on my feet again.


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